Will This Year’s BEFTAs Awards Winners Have Favors to Win 2014 Oscars?

Ayechan Oo, TSV Staff Writer

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After the announcement of the 86th Annual Academy Award nominations on Jan. 16, Oscar buzz is getting louder and louder. A few days before the Oscar nominations were announced the EE British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA,) the British version of our Academy Awards, were announced on Jan.8by Helen McCrory and Luke Evans. According to the original website of BAFTA’s, only the movies which are released theatrically in the United Kingdom can become an entry for the award ceremony, even though movies, casts and crews from all the countries are eligible to enter as nominees in all categories, except for the outstanding British Film, British Short Film and British Short Animation, which are categories limited to British films alone.

Most of the nominees for awards this year are dominated by Hollywood films and, most importantly, winners of BAFTA’s Awards will have a better chance of winning an Oscar. The BAFTA’s Awards are one of the most prestigious award ceremonies for the movie industry, it is a ceremony which honors all the talented people from the movie industry not only in the UK but from countries all around the world.

According to the website Digital Spy, in the best film category, Gravity leads BAFTA’s social media buzzes while the American actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, leads in the Best Actor category for his performance in the critically acclaimed movie The Wolf of Wall Street. Most people say DiCaprio has the best chance of winning the award over Britain’s Chiwetel Ejiofor, who’s nominated for his work in 12 Years a Slave. Similarly, in the Best Actress category, the American born actress, Sandra Bullock, leads BAFTA’s social buzz with her performance in Gravity over two time Academy Award winner, Cate Blanchett. In supporting performances category, American actress Jennifer Lawrence is the most talked about on the Web when compared to other nominees in her category. Surprisingly, multiple-award winner of this year, Jared Leto for his outstanding performance in Dallas Buyer Club was not even included as nominee.

According to the winners list of previous years, most of the winners of BAFTA Awards became Oscar winners as well. So will it be the same in this years Oscars? The 66th annual BAFTA Awards ceremony will be held at London’s Royal Opera House on Sunday, Feb. 16, and the live show will be broadcast on the BBC Channel.