Beats Music: The essential music streaming app

Aaron Washington, TSV Staff Writer

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If you look around campus, what’s one thing you notice amongst most students? I’ll give you the answer, headphones. It’s 2014 and almost everyone on campus has headphones playing their music at whatever volume they feel is necessary. But gone are the days of iPods being separate entities from cell phones and apps being used just for games between classes. One of the newest trends in the app industry has become music streaming services to counter the normal way of purchasing music.

The newest music streaming app, Beats Music, is the latest release under the Beats by Dre umbrella. While they are mostly known for their wide variety of expensive headphones, they are now trying their hand at the app industry. The app isn’t your normal music streaming app that has a limited selection of artists and a playlist of today’s “hottest music”. Beats Music has literally every artist you can think of and that artists’ entire catalog. Along with that, the app also features playlists that are curated by music magazines, music blogs and radio stations, along with various celebrities and athletes including 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

You may be wondering what the point of apps like Beat Music is when iTunes is dominating the way of obtaining music, and Spotify is the number one music streaming app available. Beats Music makes the music you listen to about you. When you first upload the app, you are able to pick out your favorite genres and artists and the app generates recommended albums and playlists just for you. This covers every genre from hip hop to jazz to electronic.

With all the great things this app presents, it does have its downfalls. The consistent crashing of the app shows there is still work to be done on the technological end. Also, the price point of $9.99 a month may be too much for some people.

Despite its issues, Beats Music is the best music streaming app available today and is perfect for those looking to add a personal touch to the music they listen to.