Every dog has its day

Nico Triunfante, TSV Staff Writer

“The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man’s,” Mark Twain said in a letter to W.D. Howells on April 2, 1899.

A gentleman mixed with America’s favorite pet was exemplified in “Family Guy” through the ever-loving Brian Griffin, who was recently killed off in the 11th season of the show.

The episode enters with Stewie and Brian Griffin in the past, escaping from Native Americans who were given guns by the mischievous child. After restoring history onto its rightful route, Stewie realizes that his self-made time machine is too much trouble and destroys it for good.

The two then find themselves attempting to play street hockey. As Stewie leaves Brian to set up the equipment, a hustling driver runs over Brian and is left with no remaining heartbeats.

The fans of “Family Guy” will be missing the intellectual Brown College student, as he supplied mixtures of sarcasm, romance, musical talents, and not to mention his obsession with Lois and margaritas.

Brian was the example of many stereotypical Americans, and was arguably the most entertaining character on the show. Several fans are begging to have him back on the show, with over 100,000 signatures petitioning to bring him back to life. Additionally, “Family Guy” fan David Rocha is attempting to raise over $10,000 to recreate a life-sized statue of Brian in downtown Providence, Rhode Island.

However, with the introduction of Vinnie, a newly acquired dog representing the Italian-American stereotype, it may be sad to say that Brian will not be returning.

I believe that the producers of “Family Guy” were trying to stir up this change in order to keep old fans, and introduce themselves to new fans of the show. Some of my memorable moments of the show were in its earlier seasons, and since then have not really made as much of an impression in my memory bank. It seemed that in the show’s recent seasons, there has been an overabundance of dialogue and long storytelling as opposed to the classical comedy and short stories that the show originally provided.

If fans like myself feel close to my opinion, then it would make sense to how a new character may attract interest. Vinnie, being able to relate to Italian-Americans, may spark the interest of that specific crowd and may be able to supply a different spectrum of comedy that the show has not experienced before.

Although Brian will be missed, I’m excited to see what the writers have in store for us as Vinnie enters Quahog. However, this episode raises a couple questions.

“Family Guy” is known to break the rules of life and death in the show. Jesus and Death have frequently appeared in past episodes. Is there a chance that Brian will be revived? Or will there possibly be a dog heaven? Is Vinnie a permanent replacement, or just a substitute for the upcoming episodes to set fans up for Brian’s revival?

Kenny dies numerously on the show “South Park,” so Brian can easily be revived.

Regardless, Brian will forever be immortalized in the hall of fame of the greatest dog characters in American TV series.