The walking dead episode five review

Steve Perotti, TSV Staff Writer

This weeks installment into the fourth season is loaded with character development and enough action to satisfy even the most jaded audience member.

For the past few weeks the hour long running time of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has been split in two: One half of the show focusing on “Rick Grimes” (Andrew Lincoln) trying to deal with numerous trust issues from new and old team members while juggling the day to day business of survival. The remaining half has followed “Daryl Dixon” (Norman Reedus) and his group as they head towards an “abandoned” veterinary college in the hopes of finding medicine and equipment to address an outbreak that’s wiping out a group of survivors quarantined back at the prison. To put it bluntly, the “Rick” section of the episodes have been rather lack luster and predictable. Granted they’ve been loaded with character defining moments and well written stories, but very much lacking in the action department. The “Daryl” portions have been well balanced, for the most part, with equal parts action and story. Thankfully, this week sees an end to the 50/50 break up of the show’s action moments.

The surprising presence of “Hershel Greene,” played by veteran actor Scott Wilson, changed the overall tone of this week’s episode, entitled “Internment.” Since his introduction in the show’s second season “Hershel” has been, for the most part, a teacher and confidant for numerous characters in need. Equal parts doctor and sage “Hershel” has been the moral backbone of the group. This week we get to see the true depth of the character, as well as the dramatic power of Wilson. Without giving anything away for those who haven’t had the chance to watch the episode yet I will say this: “Hershel” is much more than the doctor of the group, and the group as a whole would be epically lost without him.

The tension leading up to the shows ending was palpable as we get to see “Rick” and his son “Carl” (Chandler Riggs) dealing with an issue that has been mounting since the first episode of the season. The “Carl” character is one that has, understandably, gone through numerous cycles. One of the focal points of this season has shown “Rick” trying to steer his son away from the violence that epitomizes the day to day life for survivors in the prison. This week “Carl” is exposed to necessary violence. No spoilers will be given, of course, but I can’t leave you without some idea of what happens. Two AK-47 assault rifles, and lots of bullets. That’s all I’m going to say.

All in all an amazing addition to a season that is shaping up to be very good. The final moments of the episode gives a hint of what’s to come, and it is going to be chaotic to say the least. I’m most definitely looking forward to it.