Grand Theft Auto V: Your second life

Nico Triunfante, TSV Staff Writer

Have you ever thought of the most ruthless crime you could ever do? Have you ever wanted the chance to drive cars that seem somewhat unobtainable in your future? Have you ever wanted to live a second life in which you would be able to get away with nearly anything and everything that you do? Grand Theft Auto V is the gateway to that second life.

Five years ago, Rockstar Games amazed the gaming world with Grand Theft Auto IV, leaving its fans and supporters with more of an itch they could never scratch…until now. According to IGN, within the first 24 hours of the game’s release, globally, it had hit $800 million in sales. Furthermore passed the $1 billion mark in its first three days. Non-GTA players may ask, “What’s so special about this game?”

Geographically, the map that Rockstar made for this game is impeccable, and one of the largest amongst the entire Grand Theft Auto series. Think of this map as the size of Los Angeles County. These maps allow users to roam in a virtual world, and explore places that they couldn’t think possible in real life. From alleyways to barbershops, to endless waters and streets of all kinds, gamers are allowed to be virtually anywhere with just a push of the analog stick.

The third-person gameplay is a signature amongst highly regarded video games, such as Skyrim or Red Dead Redemption. However, Grand Theft Auto V exceeds the echelon of these games by allowing gamers to switch between three main characters, and at times, take control of a canine counterpart. Previously, the series took the story of one single character. By allowing three main characters into the overall experience, that allows users to have three times the storyline put onto one disk. In addition, an online development of the game allows up to 16 players to engage in missions and competitions.

Since the game’s price has not changed a cent from $59.99, Rockstar is enabling users to have three unique storylines, a canine minor character, and an online experience with other gamers. In other words, one would be paying $11.99 for each unique experience they would use, as opposed to most games, where gamers pay $59.99 for one experience.

By combining real (gang) life situations, and allowing users to virtually do anything to their avatar, gamers find ways visually put themselves in these situations and act accordingly to the given circumstances. For example, protecting oneself behind cars during shootouts, or purchasing jewelry, tattoos and outfits furthermore enhances the reality aspect of the game itself.

This game is not meant to provoke gamers to become these avatars in real life. This game is meant for entertainment, and allowing gamers to do what they wouldn’t, normally, think is possible in their everyday lives.