“You’re Next”


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Erin (Sharni Vinson) fights to survive the attack on the house.

Kenny Martin, TSV Special to The Skyline View

Crispian Davison is bringing his new girlfriend Erin (played by Sharni Vinson) to his parent’s luxurious estate isolated in the woods to celebrate his parent’s 35-year anniversary. Soon, the entire immediate family of the Davison’s and their significant others are gathered, and Erin sees the family is estranged and dysfunctional. Everyone is sitting at the dinner table, Crispian and his brothers are having a side of bitter argument, when an arrow crashes through the window and sticks in the forehead his sister’s boyfriend. From that moment on, “You’re Next” shows the entire family under siege, from both inside the house and outside, by men in animal suits seemingly intent on butchering every single member of the Davison family.

“You’re Next” is refreshing for several reasons. For one, the villains are relentless and unmerciful. There’s no toying with their victims, allowing them to escape. People die before they even know what hit them, and the death scenes always make you jump.

The characters aren’t a bunch of sex-crazed young adults. There’s one scene in the beginning, but the characters are too gripped by fear and pursued so aggressively to even have a romantic thought pass through their head. The Davisons are in such a panic they fall helplessly into traps and the villains’ clutches. The family’s fear-fueled confusion and grief-stricken state puts you on the edge of your seat and makes you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable.

The one area where “You’re Next” falls short is in character development, as most of the characters aren’t sympathetic and/or they don’t last long enough for them to grow on you. The one exception is Sharni Vinson, who plays Erin, a strong-willed, resourceful, tough-as-nails heroine. I haven’t seen as strong of a character in a horror movie since Jamie Lee Curtis in “Halloween.” Erin doesn’t make bone-headed decisions, is more focused on survival than fighting, and is just one of the most likeable and compelling characters in years.

“You’re Next” is suspenseful, shocking, clever, and funny without being distracting, and is one of the most solid horror movies in a while. If you’re looking for a movie that will get your heart pumping, that will give you someone to root for, and will take your breath away, you will find it in “You’re Next.”