Molly Downs, TSV Staff Writer

Ashton Kutcher stars in “Jobs,” a biopic based on the life of the late Steve Jobs. The film focuses on the transformation of Jobs from a twenty-something entrepreneur into the notoriously egotistic CEO of Apple Inc.

Director Joshua Michael Stern was a little late jumping on the Steve Jobs/ Apple bandwagon after the CEO’s death in 2011, since most of the buzz had already died. And while the legacy of Jobs continues to be a trailblazer for visionaries, the film was not ground-breaking by any means.

The cinematography and directing was typical of a biopic; loaded with montages and dialogue that took place primarily during conventional walking and talking scenes. But the film was not a complete disappointment. Stem and Kutcher captured certain subtleties that perhaps made up the very essence and charm of Jobs’ life story.

It’s difficult to take Kutcher seriously, but there was something convincing in his mannerisms. He was frustrated by people’s ignorance but at the same time hopeful and determined to yield innovation from to their minds. Kutcher also perfected the facial expressions Jobs was known for.

The look of a genius; of a chess master who sees check mate six moves ahead. In a way, Kutcher’s fine-tuning of the unique characteristics of Jobs was a tribute to the painstaking attention to detail that Jobs was legendary for.

The film is no cinematic masterpiece, but Kutcher gives a surprisingly decent performance that is worth renting.