No Doubt returns with Push and Shove

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No Doubt is back! After about ten years of not making a hit together, the group is finally back with a brand new album “Push and Shove.” I am so happy about this.

I grew up listening to No Doubt. I remember being five years old dancing and singing to their album “Tragic Kingdom” with my sisters. We always loved to sing to “Spider webs” and “Just a Girl.”

Then when Gwen Stefani went on for her single career we would still listen to her music. Her voice has not changed at all. She still sounds just as amazing as she did in the 90s.

To be honest, this is the first album I have bought in a really really long time. Normally I only buy songs because I am not sure if I will enjoy the whole album. Normally I have heard that song a few times and so I know I am going to enjoy, but just can’t bring myself to spend the money on an album I am not sure about.

I think the main reason is because of the music that is out there. I mean there are a lot of good artists, but there are also a lot that are just about making money and the music isn’t good quality. This is definitely not the case with “Push and Shove.”

I am so happy that I bought this album. It is already turning into one of my favorite albums. Their music is still the same in that their lyrics are really meaningful and have a specific purpose.

There is not one song on this album that I did not enjoy. Also the music compilations are incredible! The band is so talented and they all mesh well together. With her voice and the style of the music it all just flowed so well together.

I think that is why they are such a successful band is because they play to everybody’s strengths in the group. They are really intelligent with the compositions to make sure that the lyrics and the music flow so easily together. It almost seems effortless and natural with how they have made it flow.

In their last album the songs definitely seemed way more of the pop style of music and “Push and Shove” seems to be a little different than that. It is more of a pop/rock style of music. I think it was risky to really do something completely different than what they have normally done, but I definitely think it paid off.