College students enjoying the fall while remaining productive

2021’s fall season features cold weather, fun activities, and COVID-19


Daniela Ossa Lopez

Fall foliage: the month of October brings warm colors, cooler weather and all things pumpkin related.

The season of summer has the hearts of millions of Americans for a variety of different reasons. The children are off and running away from school, the weather is enjoyable, the days seemingly last longer and the air lacks gloomful energy.

As youngsters, there was always something about chasing the ice cream truck, hoping the glorified vehicle would stop to add even more flavor to the everlasting fun.

After the transition to young adulthood begins, the calendar shifting gears away from summer and towards fall is generally a welcoming sight for many college students. Schools have now resumed classes, eliminating some schedule flexibility. The exceptional weather has naturally transitioned to a cooler feel; not too warm and not too cold, but just right. And the holidays ––– oh the holidays ––– always seem to arrive at the perfect possible times starting with Halloween.

The surplus of entertainment dwindles in the fall compared to the summer but that doesn’t mean there’s not much for people to enjoy. There are plenty of activities and aspects of fall ––– many recurring annually ––– that have proved to be personal favorites of countless college students across the country.

Bundle up!

The weather in the Bay Area routinely features a decent amount of sunshine, no matter the season. It’s often dry, too. However, fall is the ideal time to prepare for the colder temperatures and stormy forecast. Yes, that means time outdoors could possibly be held at a minimum but some positives emerge from the adjustment.

“The cold weather is honestly something I enjoy if I can curl up into a blanket and watch shows,” said Madison Haverland, a sophomore at Skyline. “If I can’t, I feel a little sad but it’s still beautiful to watch the rain.”

In late October, the Bay Area witnessed a large storm that featured strong winds, non stop rain, feet-high flooding, and massive power outages. California is often in a drought ––– and was during this particular storm ––– so the sight of some fiery weather may have caught some people off guard.

However, Jared Perez, a student at Skyline, isn’t phased by anything the local meteorologist may suggest.

“Being born and raised in Daly City, I am not exposed to extreme temperatures such as snow or 100-degree heat,” Perez said. “However, Daly City is something that I am used to and it doesn’t affect me that much. My closet is mostly jackets and hoodies, so the cold weather ensures that I utilize them.”

I’m on my way!

The weather isn’t always subpar in the fall, certainly not enough to cancel every single plan in the book.

“Usually I do pumpkin carving and watch scary movies,” Haverland said. “There’s this really cool pumpkin patch back where I grew up and I go there during the fall.”

From The Great Pumpkin Patch in San Francisco to Lemos Farm in Half Moon Bay, the Bay Area is filled with highly rated venues to select the perfect pumpkin and enjoy the leaves on the ground with some friends. In recent years, pumpkin patches have become a go-to place for young couples to hang out.

Meanwhile, Perez has found a way to work on his golf game at local courses ––– a sport he played in high school ––– while also finding the time to utilize the time to work on college applications for a Fall 2022 transfer.

College applications are infamous for sneaking up on students quickly, forcing them to smash the gas pedal at the last second to complete them. For schools in The California State University (CSU) sector, they are due on Nov. 30 for any Fall 2022 hopeful.

Pandemic still looming

Just when everything seems to be getting normal again, the COVID-19 pandemic takes another wild turn and produces more cases, deaths, and shockwaves throughout the country. Luckily, numbers are spiraling down for the time being, but it’s never safe to assume another surge isn’t in future plans. That’s why it’s important to take all the proper precautions and protocols while enjoying the fall season.

“It feels great and refreshing to go outside, but I still remain vigilant with the habits I had developed due to the pandemic,” Perez said. “This includes carrying sanitizer with me, washing my hands more frequently, and keeping a mask on.”

For Haverland, there is some frustration when it comes to the ongoing battle against the pandemic that has been present in the United States for almost two full years.

“Honestly, I’m at the point where I feel like I’ve been missing out on my whole life because of COVID,” Haverland said. “So for me, I’ve just started going out more and living because that’s what’s important.”