More Than A Snap Shot: How to take better photos with your smart phone

With a world so connected and having no signs of stopping here, taking photos with a DSLR or other dedicated camera can be a bit of a nuisance, as there is so much additional hasle for better image quality. Adding to that, cameras can get pricey and overly complicated. But there is a way to take amazing photos with nothing more than your smartphone.

The first tip has to do with composition, probably every master photographer’s best friend. Most photos aren’t remembered or analyzed through technical specs and know how. It’s done with story telling or how the contents of the image play with each other or don’t. Learning the rules of composition and the ways you can manipulate and break them is the number one way to create stunning images with nothing more than a phone from 2017.

Another great way to step up you photo game is downloading free photo editing software. The mobile version of Adobe Lightroom is a great free software for your phone and can really turn a mediocre photo into a masterpiece in the right hands. Playing with what style you want and not just with the image you have is what divides the good photographers from the greats.

And lastly, working with what you’ve got. Most phones have a wide angle lens and if you know how to use it well, use it to the best of its ability. But if you have a more advanced phone with different special features, utilize what that phone has to offer. But just a word of caution, don’t use these effects as a crutch and depending on them to turn your image great, because they won’t on their own.

At the end of the day, the best advice I can give you is to be creative and find new ways and workarounds to solve these shortcomings and turn them into an advantage. Be unconventional, be bold, try something you’re 90% sure won’t work, because you’ll never know if you’ll find a new way or system to make better photos. So go out there and shoot!