Halloween for the Cheap and Low Motivated: Last minute Halloween costume ideas for low cost

Whether you’re eight, 18 or 80, Halloween is a great time! From being a young person who loves dressing up and getting free candy that your parents will try, but ultimately fail, regulating you eat, or when your a college student who would do some more adult activities with the season of spookiness, Halloween is a great holiday no matter how you celebrate!


But as you age, the motivation to create and put on costumes has slowly lost its luster. But here are some costume ideas that aren’t demanding in the area of motivation. Here are some low cost and low maintenance costume ideas:


4. Cheesy Pun Costumes:

Puns are fun to say, but not so fun to hear, and it’s the same with costumes. But we won’t deny the creativity for new pun costumes. Some classics of the pun costume are:

  • The Candy Rapper: Dress like a stereotypical rapper that endorses a candy brand
  • The Ceiling Fan: Wear sports gear but cover the team’s name with the word “Ceiling”
  • The Cereal Killer: Basically grab a box of cereal and a knife and over the course of the day, stab said box

Summary, take a pun and take it to a visual form. But you can be creative! Find a funny pun and make the best out of it!


3. The Ghost

Remember the old gag of putting a bed sheet over your head with two eye holes? Well, it’s a classic for a reason. Even though the basic idea is old and not creative, why not make it a historical figure?

An idea I saw that was funny was a George Washington costume but the person accented it with a Revolutionary coat, memorized famous Washington speeches and he never broke character. Your rendition doesn’t have to be that intense but you can dress up as a World War 2 soldier ghost with a hat or a jacket and just go with that.


2. Thomas and Martha Wayne

This one is inspired by a couple at a comic book convention and will take a bit of work for it to work. But the end result is pretty funny. Basically get a friend, sibling, partner, or other living beings, and have both of you dressed in formal clothes.

The funny part is running up to people, both adults and children, and say “son” and fall to the floor. It’s a pretty funny in-joke for DC fans and if the random person gets it, it’s a funny laugh for everyone.


1. Undercover superhero

We all know wearing a superhero costume is a bit of a hasle and kind of expensive. But if you still want to represent you favorite superhero, most of them have secret identities, so why not just dress as that and have a T-shirt of said hero?


A famous one is Klark Kent with a suit but with the shirt opened to reveal a Superman shirt underneath. And this can be done to a lot of heroes. Actually, Peter Parker is probably the easiest to do, but isn’t done too often. You can dress up for any style of Peter Parker you want, Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, even Andrew Gardlied or any style you want as long as it fits the character. All you have to do is have some indication of Spiderman with like web shooters (which two watches worn backwards works well with) or having a Spiderman T-shirt under.


But if you ever find yourself low on ideas for costume ideas but still want to get into the holiday spirit, here are some ideas for some low budget and easy to do costume ideas.