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I-WEI Chang
He’s such a big sports fan where he loves to watch any sports in his leisure time. He started to read newspapers since elementary school. There are 4 different types of newspaper in his home country Taiwan. In order to approach the information without high technology devices, the only way he can get the information is to read the newspaper during that time. The LA Lakers legend players Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal was really famous at that time in 2004. “ I can’t wait to open the newspaper to see the report every morning.” Says Alvin. After turning to the junior high school, he starts to write essays in sports. One day after his first-year summer break,Alvin back to school and submit his summer break homework, his Mandarin teacher was impressed by his homework.

He wrote 3 essays in Tennis, basketball and baseball. Also he told the teacher that he has been reading newspapers since 8 years old. “ You have a big potential to be a journalist in the future. “ says the teacher.

At the age 16, Alvin has decided his career as a sports journalist, he’s a dreamer.

At the age 17, a sports anchor from FOX SPORTS TAIWAN invites him to write sports article on his facebook fan page, Alvin had worked with the anchor for 3 years. During the process,  he learned a lot. What’s more, the Sports Anchor taught him some skills like write more specific, also he learned some interview skills as well.

He hopes to achieve his dream in the US.


I-WEI Chang, Staff Writer

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