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Chris Korp

Working in a union job and within the leadership of my union while employed at a major U.S. airline for over 20 years, gave me an interest in social justice and class consciousness that endures to this day. This work experience and the values it instilled in me are some of the contributions I give to the production of The Skyline View. I became interested in journalism initially when I was tasked to write for my union’s paper, but after taking a few journalism classes at Skyline, I was hooked. Working-class values aside, I also enjoy to laugh at the absurd and chuckle at the audacity of our politicians.


In an effort to improve my own writing and self-editing skills, I asked our adviser if I could give copy editing a try, and now this has become my new true love. Grammar and AP style are now my domain, and they have augmented my vast array of useless knowledge, with trivia I can actually use. This is my last semester at Skyline College, but journalism has been the best aspect of my return to school.


Chris Korp, TSV Copy Editor/Staff Writer

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