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Andrew Avilla
I am a twenty-year-old aspiring photojournalist interested in exploring and experiencing different cultures. My interest in journalism stems from my appreciation of media produced by Vice and their various publications. I have been an avid photographer for 3 years, and I hope to someday shoot and write stories for a well-known media source. Ideally, I would want to travel around the world to discover hidden cultures of third world countries, and cover events on the front lines of conflict in developing nations.

I am involved with The Skyline View to gain the experience and insight it takes to write for a publication as a journalist. The Skyline View is an initial opportunity to introduce myself to the world of journalism and cultivate my career as a photojournalist. I have always enjoyed writing stories and creating images in my audiences’ minds, painting landscapes and introducing them to the characters constructed by imagination and reality. I can use my writing skills to compose compelling stories and articles that will engage my audience, and build a strong portfolio of stories to pair with my documentary photography.

Andrew Avilla, TSV Photo Editor

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