Embrace the grind

The majority of men and women who start going to the gym do so on a whim. They want to change something in their lives, want to get in better shape or they’re just trying to kill time. Some of them are working toward specific goals. These are great reasons across the board, but nine times out of t these men and women don’t understand the amount of time these goals are going to require.

We all see commercials and print advertisements for “speedy exercise programs,” claiming to give customers rock hard abs in a matter of minutes, or a well-defined chest in five easy steps. They’re trying to give you the prize without the work, so to speak. This misleads the average person, making them believe that such physical changes can come in a short period of time. Rather than trying to take the fast track, you would be better off embracing the grind that goes hand-in-hand with exercise.

If it was easy to have a flat stomach, everyone would have one. If it was easy to bench press twice your body weight, everyone would be doing it. It’s supposed to be hard. It’s supposed to be a journey. Part of the process is literally breaking down your body so that you’re stronger than you were the day before.

It will take hours out of your day, but it will be worth it. It will force you into the gym day after day, but if you want it bad enough that won’t be a problem. The process of growth and change is going to take time. The time required is different for everyone. Some people see muscle growth in a matter of days, for others it might take weeks. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, because if you put the time into the workout and dedicate yourself to the process you will reach your goal.

If you can’t force yourself to hit the gym when you’re tired, then you need to check your priorities. If it’s easy for you to miss out on a day in the gym or to break your meal plan and eat something that’s not going to help you, something is wrong. Will it hurt? Of course it’ll hurt. There will be nights when walking up the stairs to your home will feel like hell. Will your social life suffer? Yes, most likely. Your body needs, on average, eight hours of sleep in order to repair the damage from the gym. You grow when you sleep, so the more sleep you get the better obviously. A night of drinking with your friends? Probably not a good idea, since alcohol is full of carbohydrates and drinking might alter your intake for the day. All of this comes with the territory. But if you want to reach those goals bad enough, it’s a minor sacrifice.