Trojans wins against Gavilan College


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On Nov. 25 the women’s basketball team faced off against Gavilan College, a match that they won 61-43.

The match began with the Trojans gaining a lead of six points before their opponents managed to score their first points, placing them on the board and leaving both teams at 6-3. Yet even though the Trojans were in the lead, Gavilan women’s team put up a strong fight that would remain evident throughout the game as they refused to go down without a fight.

Despite this, Gavilan still made mistakes during the course of the game that allowed the Trojans to take advantage of their mistakes. Even so, the Trojans themselves still made mistakes that also clearly allowed Gavilan to take advantage of their mistakes but, as evident from the final score, the team with the least amount of mistakes won the day.

An example of this is the countless turnovers by the Trojans throughout the game, with one of them during the first half at roughly the 12 minute mark when the Trojans’ Jazel Talauta (#15) managed to intercept the ball and run it to the other side of the court scoring a two pointer. This was followed by another interception by Trojans’ Monque Garrett (#32), in the first half.

As the end of the first half approached it was clear that the Trojans had the lead firmly in hand, with both teams not giving up as time-outs were called and advise given in order to fix errors and mistakes that were made on the court. By the end of the first half, the Trojans were at 33 while Gavilan was behind with 24 points.

As such the second half offered a better view of both teams abilities and how they adapted to each other. Gavilan’s defenses increased with them blocking off the Trojans from getting inside and scoring two pointers, forcing them to make do with three pointers or breaking through the Trojans defenses. They were able to achieve this a few times during the second half of the game, compared to the first half when they couldn’t.

As such, the second half broke down into both teams attempting to overcome each others defenses and staying very mobile, keeping the ball moving from one player to the other. Showing that both teams were carefully adapting to each others game play style. Yet the Trojans themselves weren’t perfect as, by the end of the game, they had seven fouls compared to Gavilan’s two.

In the end, both teams made mistakes but they clearly adapted to each other and learned from their mistake throughout the game.Skyline’s Trojans would go on to achieve a score of 61 as opposed to Gavilan’s 43.