Senseless violence ruining games for fans at Levi’s® stadium

Recently the violence that has ensued at the 49ers’ new stadium in Santa Clara has made it questionable for fans to even attend games.

Honestly there is no reason why anyone who wants to watch the 49ers play should have to deal with the violence that happens at these games, the most recent fight at Levi’s® Stadium has left one man possibly paralyzed because of the beating he took to his head. The two suspects Dario Rebollero, 34, and Amador Rebollero, 27, were both 49ers fans with a criminal record and it has spread quickly through various news outlets. It is disappointing to see fans that can not simply get along and that people have the smallest amount of tolerance and respect in their body for other human beings.

Most of the reports being made about the fight are saying that two brothers were in a bathroom when they started to fight about a man using the stall. Yes… the fight was over a bathroom stall. Some news sites have the footage that a fan had recorded while the fight happened. You can clearly see that the man was attacked and soon after he was on the floor unconscious. First off, it is sad to see that no one wanted to stop this from happening and probably with good reason, because these brothers look scary and big. This is just disgusting, what is our world coming to when people are fighting over a bathroom stall? Everyone is simply spectating from the sidelines like sheep.

Some people do not have manners and the fact that they are intoxicated can make it ten times worse for those who are dealing with the “non-mannered.”

This fight had nothing to do with the 49ers or the game going on that day, it was a stupid senseless fight that has left a man in critical condition. I can’t imagine what the 49ers players think of this fight, but I am sure they are disappointed to know that their fans are fighting with each other and it has no relevance to the game which wouldn’t make this fight an exception.

Games are not intended for these violent acts or those looking-for-a-bar-fight kind of people. You would think that people would actually go to a game to enjoy cheering for their team, but this is ridiculous and sounds like there is no fun in watching a game. It was more like lets pretend to care about a game and then go pick a fight with a guy over a bathroom stall and beat him senseless.

It is hard for fans who just want to enjoy the game and people are definitely fearful of going to these games because of the violent acts going on. I would hope that the rest of the season is not filled with this kind of news because it is also a new stadium that is already bringing bad publicity; however, this had nothing to do with the game. Hopefully 49er fans can see that these people are prosecuted because it seems they have already had their chance to be better citizens, and they have failed.