Trojan’s volleyball embraces true meaning of “Pinktober”

The colors of October are fast changing from the traditional orange and black to day-glow pink. Sports clubs and teams all over the country are donning bright pink accessories to show support for breast cancer research all through the month of October, and Skyline College is no exception.

The Skyline women’s volleyball team will be holding a Dig Pink event on October 22 to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“Within volleyball, we have a foundation called Dig Pink and that’s huge in club and youth volleyball,” coach Rayannah Salahuddin said. “It’s not that big in intercollegiate, but it’s starting to grow.”

The volleyball team have been longtime supporters of the cause through Dig Pink, which sponsors volleyball events to raise money for breast cancer research. Last October the Trojans volleyball team raised almost $1,000 for the charity through their event.

“I’ve always been involved in Dig Pink foundation because, for god’s sake, not enough is done in terms of women’s health in general,” Salahuddin said.

While the “Pinktober” events, spearheaded by the National Football League have drawn some ire lately, due to concerns that pink jerseys and accessories have become more about a fashion statement than a humanitarian one, the cause is – if done well – still a good opportunity to bring people together in a fun way to support a worthy cause.

Skyline women’s volleyball leaves the high-priced, hot pink Nikes for the guys, and takes the true sentiment of “Pinktober” to heart.

“I think women’s volleyball is a good environment because it’s a female powered sport,” Salahuddin said. “It’s mostly dominated by women and it’s a positive feedback loop of empowered women empowering other women. That’s the reason I like Dig Pink and that’s the reason I coach volleyball.”