The J-Rock to the Lady Trojans


Nico Triunfante, TSV Staff Writer

Jazel “J-Rock” Talauta is ready to apply her skills in her first year playing for Skyline basketball, promising a season that the Lady Trojans will never forget.

Bay Area born and raised, Talauta acquired her set of basketball skills through multiple teams in her high school career, gaining both knowledge and experience that helped shape her into the player she is today.

From the age of five, Talauta was pushed by family members to play basketball, in which she quickly found comfort and excitement in the game.

“My uncle got me into it and I ended up being good at it,” Talauta said. “My uncle and my dad definitely pushed me in basketball.”

Talauta pushed her way through each year of high school playing varsity basketball. The 5’7” versatile point guard, whom also plays shooting guard, found ways to make her game nearly untestable to other players.

Talauta attained the “Most Valuable Defensive Player” award back in 2010 as a sophomore, in addition to earning a spot in the First Team All-League. She repeated this feat by earning the same spot in the first team the following year; She also added an Honorable Mention.

“She’s a great all around player, defensive- and offensive-wise,” said her long-term friend Kimberly Arciaga.“She’s a hustler.”

Unfortunately, Talauta suffered a knee injury in her last year at Terra Nova High School, but continued to condition and strengthen herself for the upcoming season at Skyline.

Skyline Women’s Basketball Head Coach Christopher Watters took note of Talauta’s hard work ethic, and cannot wait to get her back on the playing field. Coach Watters recently had Talauta back on the court, practicing, preparing her for the battles that his team will face this season.

“She is definitely a skilled player who understands the game,” Coach Watters said via email. “Most importantly, she works hard to make her teammates better. Jazel isn’t concerned about anything but playing good basketball. She is unselfish as a player and looks to create for others on the offensive end of the court.”

There is no “I” in team or Jazel, but there is both an “E” and “A” that the two share, which make both into a recognizable force.

“For my team, I look for everyone to work hard, everyone to be on the same page,” Talauta said. “I like my team, our chemistry is cool and we all like each other.”

She knows the team has the potential to be great this year. Her expectations for her first year of Skyline basketball is a progressive team improvement. Winning games comes second to having all her teammates improve in their game.

“Her skill and leadership abilities will only help us get better throughout the season,” Coach Watters said. “We need all fourteen girls working hard and working together for us to reach our full potential. I’m looking forward to the start of games to see what we can accomplish as a team.”

The Lady Trojans will play their first home game on Nov. 21, against Marin at 6 P.M. Hopefully we’ll see the Lady Trojans achieve greatness this season, watching all 14 girls apply their skills and making the school proud.