Velasquez vs Dos Santos: Enough is enough

Steve Perotti, TSV Staff Writer

As Cain Velasquez emerges victorious from his latest bout with Junior Dos Santos, it’s time to admit that enough is enough and move on.

Cain Velasquez, the reigning Heavyweight Champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), defeated former champion Junior Dos Santos on Oct. 19, 2013 to retain his title in the third match of the pair’s rivalry. In the wake of Velasquez’s crushing victory of Dos Santos, it’s time to vocalize the sentiment that the majority of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fans are thinking right now: No more rematches!

Velasquez won the championship by defeating then-champion Brock Lesnar via knockout on Oct.23, 2010. Suffering from a damaged rotator cuff in that fight, Velasquez sat out for over a year in recuperation.

His first fight back was with Dos Santos. And he lost. Badly. It only took Dos Santos a matter of 64 seconds to knock Velasquez out.

Fast forwarding a year, we see Velsquez getting a second chance against Dos Santos, and the chance to get his hands back on that belt. Velasquez would go on to crush Dos Santos in a five round war, leaving Dos Santos battered and bleeding from what many considered to be his worst match at the time. In a situation where a series of two fights is split down the middle, there is almost always a “rubber match,” the name of a third match, to decide who the true victor is.

The rubber match between the current and former champion is in the books, and Velasquez is still the champion. Delivering a beating of truly epic proportions to Dos Santos, and leaving his face once again closely resembling tenderized ground beef, there is no doubt that Velasquez will be the better fighter and worthy of holding the UFC’s Heavyweight title. Time to move on. No more rematches with Dos Santos. Bring on the next opponent. Where’s the new meat?

Velasquez won the title in 2010. The only fighters we’ve heard of in regards to the heavyweight title for the past three years are Velasquez and Dos Santos.

I’m a fan of both fighters, but enough is enough. The former has beaten the latter two times, and both victories were decisive wins that left the loser battered to the point of being gruesome. If we’re forced to watch another match between these two bruisers, it will drag the pair down even more into redundancy.