Skyline loses close game

John Pablo, TSV Staff Writer

Skyline’s Lady Trojans lost to the Ohlone College Renegades 2-3 on Wednesday, Oct. 16 after a heated match that reached a fifth set.

Skyline came out with fighting energy in the first set and took an early lead as they capitalized on numerous mistakes from Ohlone College. The Renegades had to take an early time-out to regain their composure after allowing four consecutive points to the home team, the Lady Trojans. The Renegades came out of the time-out swinging and took their first lead of the game midway through the first set. The Lady Trojans did not let up and kept the set tight but lost it, 22-25.

The second set went much smoother for Skyline as they gained a spark from their offense. The set opened up with a power play by Skyline’s middle and right side blocker Sahara Clay which boosted them up to an early lead. Ohlone College, once again, had to call an early time-out to find a way to stop the barrage of points by the Lady Trojans but to no avail. Skyline’s hustle on the ball allowed them to win the second set with 25-19 on the board.

With the energy and momentum coming off the second set, the Lady Trojans got back on the court and continued to dominate. The set was opened up by notable plays by Skyline’s Judy Viduya and Tristi Laeha as they helped the team gain an early 9-5 lead. The Lady Trojans’ attack kept coming and they won the third set, 25-20.

With their backs against the wall, the Renegades jumped back in the fourth set. They opened up an early 3-6 lead which forced the Skyline to an early time-out. Fatigue seemed to have slowed down the Lady Trojans as they fell deeper into the quick sand and eventually lost the set, which forced the game to a tie-breaking fifth set.

Both teams felt the sense of urgency as they had heated exchanges to start the set. The score remained neck-to-neck as the game winded down. The Renegades made critical plays to boost them up to an 11-15 lead that ended the game.

The two teams are scheduled to meet again on Nov. 9 at Ohlone College.

“I feel that the ladies played with the best of their abilities, but they kind of relaxed towards the fourth set,” said assistant coach Traci Laeha. “It was more of a mind over matter thing because we practice for these fifth sets, we practice to win, we practice to out play them based on our stamina but it just wasn’t the case for today.”