PED’s Doom the MLB Once Again

Dominic DeAnda, TSV Staff Writer

It was about two weeks ago when the MLB announced the suspensions of 13 Major League Baseball players. This has been an annual event that goes on every year in baseball; however this year was more significant because of the involvement of 14-time All-Star 3rd baseman Alex Rodriguez, better known as A-Rod. In fact he is one of the best players to ever swing the bat and is the highest paid baseball player in today’s game. However, many people including myself say he should no longer be a part of the game because of his use of performance enhancing drugs (PED’s). Of the 13 players announced in the Biogenesis Scandal, A-Rod has gotten the most scrutiny and has been given a 211-game suspension, which he is appealing but he still has the ability to play.

Many fans including myself strongly believe that any professional baseball player that tests positive for any kind of PEDs should be removed from the game for life. The use of steroids can affect your life in so many ways on and off the field. It also destroys the balance of competition as some players get the unfair advantage by using PEDs as opposed to the more dedicated players that have been working hard for years to get a spot on a Major League roster the clean way.

Like in any other professional sport, athletes are looked up to as role models for kids and aspiring college athletes all around the world. Growing up as a young athlete myself, I was easily influenced by my role models. As many other young kids or aspiring high school/college athletes, it is easy to be influenced by your favorite professional player’s every move because of the dedication you invest towards them. It’s such a terrible move for professional athletes to cheat their way through their career because once they get accused for it, it can influence thousands of young athletes around the world.

Steroids have affected the game of baseball in so many negative ways. The punishment of first time offenders is too soft and knowing how soft the league is on these athletes, the players feel comfortable enough to continue it and most of the time get caught a second time. In the sports world, nobody can respect a cheater. On paper, Barry Bonds is the all-time home run leader but in the eyes of the fans, media, and the whole baseball world he is a cheater for LIFE.