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 for badminton


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The Skyline women’s badminton team won their first match against Mission College on March 20. Even without a full team, the Trojans came up close and swept the Saints with a win.

Coach Jan Fosberg agreed that the Trojans played well.

“I think we played really well,” Fosberg said. “We had every single person on the team earn points. The singles side we won all but one match, which is really impressive.”

When asked about one of the best players on the team, Fosberg said, “Probably our best player on the team is Anna Nguyen. She’s a player that came from Vietnam, so she went to school over there and she just came recently. (She’s) really a top player, really strong.”

Coming in from another country, Nguyen has transitioned immediately into a star athlete among the other badminton players, bringing with her talent that can lead the team to victory.

“She’s a team leader because she’s a little older than everybody else and has really been through playing at a high caliber,” Fosberg continued. “So that really helps us; it’s like having a coach on the court.”

Although it’s just the beginning of the season, their hopes should be set pretty high after this satisfying win.

“At this point in the season, we basically coach to what our errors were in the previous match,” Fosberg said. “So every time we play, it gives us a chance to just fine-tune our skills and define our strategy. With more experience, we’re going to get better and better.”

The Skyline badminton team will play their next game against Fresno City College on March 27, at Fresno.