Skyline finishes the season strong


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The men’s soccer team played their last game of the season on the Friday Nov. 11 against Monterey Peninsula College beating the visiting Lobos, allowing them to end the season with a win.

The game kicked off at 2:45 p.m on Veterans Day with rain quickly soaking both teams and spectators alike well before the match started. It was clear however that both teams were ready for 90 minutes competition.

Throughout the game, both teams played well offensively moving the ball with accurate passes and communication. After a long stretch of alternating possession, Monterey Peninsula was the first to score half way through the first half of the game. The Lobos’ lead was short lived however as the Trojans stepped their game up and scored on two drives toward the net by Michael McNab and Juan Gomez. The Men’s soccer team celebrated and held off Monterey Peninsula’s attack for the rest of the half.

The second period of the game kicked off with Monterey Peninsula College on the offensive which drove the Trojans back into their half of the field, fighting to prevent the Lobos from scoring which proved successful thanks to great team work by the Trojan defense and goalkeeper, Luis De Paz.

Michael McNab outworked everyone on the field, putting in his second goal of the game thanks to an assist from Shadhi Fara, putting Skyline up to 3-1.

At this point in the match, Monterey Peninsula College’s sense of urgency took over as they put together a sequence of plays that resulted in a goal, cutting the deficit back to one in favor of Skyline.

Trojan head coach, Daniel Link called a timeout to refocus his players. This decision benefited the team as they got back into the field and managed the game, winning their season finale with a final score of 3-2.

The end of the match saw the whole Trojans team celebrating and in joy at the victory, one of few which they have had this season while the visitors returned home with no wins at all this season.

“It was just what my team need, we were struggling and under pressure and kind of worried. I believe that my goal just released the stress from everyone and then everyone started to relax,” said Juan Gomez, when asked about the third Trojan goal (and his first of the season).

“We communicated very well, we worked hard, we finished the season on a positive note, we deserved this win,” added Shadhi Fara after the match, as he and his teammates celebrated.

“We’re definitely a family on that field and we stuck together all season. It was a tough season. We believe that its not how you start but how you finish and today we finished strong.”