Jaguars Sweep Trojans

The Skyline volleyball team hoped to end their losing streak against San Jose City College in San Jose in their second meeting this season on Oct 8.  In their Oct. 7 match in San Bruno, Skyline was able to easily put the Jaguars away, winning in four sets.  Since then, Skyline has been on a four game slide leading to a 2-6 conference record.


In a gutsy effort, Kimberly Lopez removed a stint that was put on her right arm to play in the match.


In the first set, SJCC pulled ahead early capitalizing offensively.  Skyline worked to get back into the game and tied the score for the first time at nine points apiece.  The set remained competitive as neither team was able to dominate the other.  The score was tied at twenty points before Skyline’s miscommunication eventually led to a 25-21 final score in favor of the Jaguars.  San Jose claimed the first set.


The Trojans began the second set strong as they aggressively played to a four-point advantage as they led 9-14 mid-way through the set.  San Jose then took over from there and engineered an offensive clinic to tie the game at 25.  The two teams alternated possession until the Jaguars again noticed weaknesses in Skyline’s execution.  San Jose won the second set with a score of 31-29.


The third set of the game did not disappoint as Skyline fought hard to keep the game going to avoid the sweep.  Unfortunately for Skyline, San Jose could taste the looming victory and after a close contest won the third and final set to win the match.  Skyline has been shut out in six of their last seven defeats.


Head Coach Rayannah Salahuddin was disappointed at the end of the game. 


“We played well for a moment, but they lost it,” Salahuddin said. “We have one more division game and four games left in all.”


“We did very well, but didn’t fight as hard toward the end,” Kimberly Tang shared at the end of the game as she reflected on the Trojans’ performance.


Skyline had their final home game of the season on Nov. 2 against City College of San Francisco at 6:30 p.m.