Dancing with the Students


Amber Steele’s cardio dance class takes the stage (Larry Crystal)

Heavy rain didn’t stop students and parents from attending an informal dance show on Nov. 19 in The Skyline College Theatre.

Students displayed a wide array of dancing talent as different dancers from various walks of life took the stage.

A dance class showed off their new moves, there were cheerleading routines and tap dancing performances to enjoy. There were also hip hop, belly dancing and a traditional Chinese dance acts to entertain the crowd.

The show was run very professionally and efficiently. As soon as one group finished, the lights went out and things were quickly set up the next dancers.

There was no judging of any sort, nor should there have been, for these were all dancers who simply enjoyed performing and that was reward enough.

“It was really nice to see a variety of dances and showpieces from all the fine arts people,” said Courtney Chin, cheerleader captain of the Skyline Trojanettes. “I’ve been cheering and dancing since I was 12, so it just is in my nature to want to dance and want to be around people who love dancing as much as I do.”

There was even a “surprise” performance as the aerobic dance class was asked to perform on the spot without any preparation.

Janelle Isbell was asked what made her join a dance class.

“Well I wanted to do a yoga class but it got dropped, then I joined the cardio dance class and I ended up loving it,” said Isbell. “It was a surprise that we were doing this performance, but I’m really happy we did it.”

When the event was over, the room was abuzz with energy. It was difficult to hear over the excitement of students talking to friends and family.

Some students decided they weren’t done and took to the stage to do a bit more dancing after the event was officially over.

When asked why she taught dance, instructor Amber Steele had a ready response.

“I love it, that’s the simple answer,” said Amber Steele, teacher for the cardio dance class as well as advisor to the cheerleaders and student dance club.

“I really love teaching, and in my cardio dance class, since there are so many of them, it’s exciting for me to teach a large group and to get people who never expected they would be dancers, because usually they’re signing up for aerobics. said Steele.

She paused momentarily and made a stereotypical villainous cackle, as if she were trapping her students.

Next semester there will be a dance production class on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30 to 2 p.m. The class will cater to any and all forms of dance.