Interview with Sophomore Sam Temko, recipient of’s “Wrestler of the Week”


Sam Temko performing a move in practice. (David Evans)

MH: Sam, congratulations on your honors from Coach Haddon says this team may be the best since 2000. First, talk about your home town. What’s your family’s role in your success?

ST: My hometown is Half Moon Bay, where I was raised until I was 18. But I was born in San Francisco. My family is very supportive, especially my father. I come from a large line of wrestlers in my family.

MH: The name Temko, is that of Russian descent?

ST: No, its Lithuanian.

MH: When did you start wrestling? Where did you get the idea from?

ST: I started wrestling at the age of 14, when some friends said they wanted to try wrestling.

MH: By the way, what is your nickname on the team? ST: Actually, I don’t have a nickname on the team. They tried a few, but none have stuck.

MH: What does it mean to be a leader on this year’s team?

ST: It means a lot to me to be a leader on this squad. I am older than most of the guys on the team, and more experienced in wrestling, with two years from a division one program (Cal Poly).

MH: Do you plan to go pro in wrestling, like join the WWE? I know its fake, but I’m just asking.

ST: I do plan to go pro, but in MMA, not wrestling. I can’t stand fake wrestling. I’ve had three amateur cage fights so far,and would like two more before I go pro.

MH: Lastly, what would you call your career highlight?

ST: Just to have the oppurtunity to wrestle one more collegiate season with coach Haddon, and the Skyline Trojans.

MH: On the academic side, what is your major right now?

ST: My major is currently business, but I’d like to switch it to Kinesiology.

MH: Thank you for your time Sam. By the way, I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and used to do Olympic style sparring. Maybe we can spar some time?

ST: After the season would be great. I’m sure you probably know some crazy kicks.