Skyline View Points: Is social media a problem in our society?

The tool isn’t the problem it’s the people

By Will Nacouzi

A majority of social media is used in idiotic ways, in that it does nothing more than waste people’s time. The fact of the matter is that the development of the internet and social media in general has done nothing more then manifest problems that would have still occurred in real life for the most part.

Social media can be endless hours of looking up cat videos, verbal beat downs/battles between people, and so on. However, one has to understand that the internet and social media brings millions of pieces of content produced by people across the world to a person’s finger tips, as long as you have stable internet connection that is.

Just as much as there are problems manifested by social media and the internet in general it does lead to one question: Whether the problem is with social media or the people using it.

The internet, like many things created by humanity, is a tool that is meant to allow people to communicate with each other. Social media is the same. It is a tool to be used by people and like any tool we can’t control how the individual person uses it. Whether they use it correctly or incorrectly, we as individual’s don’t have a say on it unless we start by restricting there freedom of speech, even though said freedom of speech doesn’t apply to the whole world.

The problem isn’t with social media, it’s with the people who end up using it for the wrong reasons, just so that they can keep themselves entertained for one more minute. They clearly have problems, just as much as people who can’t live five minutes without checking their social media profiles.

We don’t need more instant internet celebrities. Sites such as Vine, Facebook, and other social medias are a part of the problem, but they do service a positive point. However this is even questionable considering even when they are used correctly, other factors come into play depending on the organization that are using it.

In short, social media is a tool and the problem isn’t with social media but the people using it. They are the problem and the tool isn’t to be blamed.


Social media is a waste of time

By Steve Perotti

Though considered by many to be a ground breaking contribution to society as a whole, social media is one of the most idiotic and pointless creations mankind has ever seen.

Can you remember your life prior to sites like Myspace and Facebook? You might spend an estimated one to two hours on the internet and, if you were, it was always with a purpose. You might be doing some homework or preparing a paper for work, something along those lines. You know, productive work that adults do in the real world. That kind of thing. But now, thanks to social media and its boatloads of mindless drivel, we see the majority of mankind spending countless hours trolling through feed after feed, post after post, wall after wall all under the failed notion that they are being “sociable.”

Of course there a few people out there that are capable of weaning themselves off of this technological opiate substitute. But these individuals, with their hardy constitutions, are few and far between. More often than not we see people spending more time staring at their screens, both cell phone sized and desktop sized, than doing anything productive with the technology that is, quite literally, at their fingertips.

Let us not leave out all of the issues that go hand in hand with social media sites. How many fights, both verbal and physical, have been started because of someone read, or said, on a social site like Facebook? Have you ever been looking through posts on Instagram and been shocked and/or appalled by the photos people are posting? How many knuckle dragging imbeciles have become famous simply because of sites like Vine and Myspace? How have people like Nash Grier and Tila Tequila contributed to society? The world does not need more instant internet “celebrities” muddying the proverbial waters for us.

Obviously there are positives to social media. Allowing us to keep in touch with family members and friends, make connections with people on the other side of the planet, blah, blah, blah. We all know the good things, but are they worth the bad things? Wouldn’t it be a fair trade off to simply call your cousins in Europe on the phone and not have to deal with the idiotic need to check a mobile app for some social media site every 15 minutes? Social media sites are the new reality show for the modern generation. Intelligent people question the need for them while the mindless masses log on daily for their entertainment fix.