Immerse yourself in a rainbow of experiences at The Color Factory

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Color Factory, with blues, greens, pinks, yellows and burst of confetti, pleases your perceptions upon arrival.

For $35, you can immerse yourself in a world of color that you can see, smell, taste and feel. With the right company, this museum creates a fun, largely interactive experience at your disposal to enhance the theme of your Instagram feed.

The pop-up museum comprises many experiences: the scratch and sniff room, the disco room and the yellow ball pit to name a few.

Here’s how the Color Factory works: an employee in a colored jumpsuit hands you a card which is then registered on iPads in the first room. In future rooms, you use these cards to begin a countdown for the camera to shoot a photo. Capturing the best moment can be quite difficult, but makes for some hilarious shots and thankfully, they’re unlimited.

Right away, you may commence with the silly photos as you interact with the scratch and sniff circles attached to their related colors on the walls. For example, when you scratch the patch on the yellow stripe, it smells like lemon, and the green patch smells like grass when scratched. This first room also serves a treat: colorful macaroons.

The next room is completely different as it included an array of black and white stripes similar to those used in optical illusions. This became a familiar theme in the museum; being wonderfully shocked at the creative ways they utilized the rooms and their colors. In this room, a healthy treat was served: a black charcoal agave lemonade.

The next room is where the color begins. Orange, orange everywhere. Everything you see is a shade of orange. The museum may seem quite simple, but navigating the ideal path of each room without asking an employee is difficult. If you realized there was a room that you passed, there’s no going back allowed.

This is also where the real fun begins. The maze of bright colors is a journey with every new color presented in a new and unexpected way. As you progress throughout the museum, each color becomes more interactive.

The last room is the yellow ball pit room which also shares the free yellow ice cream cones and yellow gift shop. This bright room is honestly the most fun, and where you most get to feel like a kid as you drown in the sea of plastic balls. While you do need your own camera here, the shots are hilarious and you leave tired, refreshed from ice cream and happy from the positive vibes of the bright yellow.

Here are a few ways you can have the best experience while at the Color Factory:

  • Visit on a weekday for shorter lines
  • Take your photos from outside the wall of ribbons not within
  • Don’t forget to use the giant green marker while in the room with drawings on the wall
  • Be patient with any cute kids playing too long in the confetti room

Overall, with the many creative displays of color, photo opportunities, free treats and various chances for interactive fun, the Color Factory is worth the trip. For the budding photographer, it’s a chance to hone in on your skills. For the art enthusiast, a wonderful display of creativity. For those who just want a place to have fun with friends, it’s full of silly memories and laughs. The Color Factory has something to offer almost everyone.