Fenty Beauty stands above the rest

Rihanna’s newest creation, Fenty Beauty, has become a game changer in the makeup industry since its global release at Sephora and Harvey Nichols stores.

This beauty line has been in the works for a while and Rihanna’s emphasis on acceptance and diversity really shines through. The line has gone where others have just scratched the surface by creating products that work with a variety of people in more than one aspect.

One of the biggest factors that sets this line apart, is Rihanna’s focus on making her products useable worldwide, according to Alia Jones, a Sephora beauty studio coordinator who was selected to be trained in the brand pre-launch. This focus meant making the product useful on various skin tones, diverse skin types and in varied weather conditions as about 80% of Rihanna’s fan base are outside of the U.S.

“I think what sets her apart the most is her global launch,” said Jones. “In shades, texture and weight.”

Another factor that made this brand so different is how personal it is to Rihanna herself. The singer does about 60% of her red carpet looks herself, according to Jones, and so she understands many of the limitations women face with modern makeup. She was very involved in creating the brand, and named it after her last name to make it even more personal.

Other brands may offer a similar amount of shades, though only a few, but none have gone so far on each side of the spectrum as dark as this range does, or as light. Furthermore, whereas other brands offer two undertones, Fenty Beauty offers four.

“I think everyone was excited to say, ‘Ok, there’s something for me and I don’t have to go everywhere to get it,” said Cassandra Jones, current Nordstrom MAC makeup artist and past Sephora beauty coordinator. “There are people who have just found their shade for the first time in their life and that’s awesome.”

Brands such as Lancome offer a wide shade range as well, though not as extensive. However, with these companies comes a catch and this action speaks volumes to makeup lovers with deeper complexions.

“A lot of brands like Lancome, they do carry extended shades but it’s only online, which kind of says to the consumer ‘we want you to buy our product, we want your money, but we don’t want to see you in our stores,” said Jones.

Another way Fenty Beauty has demonstrated diversity is within its foundation formula, as it works with a multitude of skin types and climates. According to Sephora’s description of the product, it contains climate-adaptive technology in groundbreaking shades.

Rihanna provides specific instructions on how to wear her foundation, depending on a person’s skin type. If a person has dry skin, they are instructed to mix a bit of the Fenty primer into the foundation. If a person has oily skin, they can apply the primer, wait a few seconds, and then apply the foundation.

Most makeup brands release foundations that only work with a certain skin type. Fenty foundation is more versatile in the way that you could be dry, oily, or a combination and this foundation could still work for you. In addition, the formula is known to be very buildable and may go from a medium coverage to full if need be.

“With a matte foundation that is a soft matte, it’s more satiny,” said Rachel Avalos, Nordstrom MAC beauty artist. “With satin finishes it looks like freshly cleansed skin. It has a slight movement to it, to where you turn and it catches the light but you don’t necessarily look oily. It kinda mimics that same texture.”

Avalos explained the formula doesn’t dry down completely flat because of its finish, so if a person is drier or wants more of a glow to the skin, prepping the skin really well beforehand will give that same concept without it looking too oily, dry or flat.

However, one potential drawback with the formula is that it may show through any texture one has on the skin, according to Skyline student Jolina Mendoza, who herself has been using the foundation.

Another product apart of the game changing series, is the blotting powder. This powder is one that does not have flashback, according to the beauty artists. Many of the translucent powders available that are popular, such as Laura Mercier, have the issue of flashback, especially among darker complexions.

“For me, being someone of a deeper complexion, I see (flashback) in my pictures, I can tell no matter how little or how much I use,” said Cassandra Jones, when speaking of other brands.

This powder is known for this reason, as well as the fact it has very little fall out and does not leave a white cast like some other brands, according to Avalos.

One of the most awaited products on the market were the duo highlighters. This product was packaged in such a way that one side is that subtle glow, while the other can be described in no other way than poppin’. That is, of course, with the exception of the individually packaged Trophy Wife, the most talked about of the color options because of its bold yellow color and vibrancy.

Rihanna is now working on even more colors, with eyeshadows, more foundation shades and lip products.

“I hope that people do see the value in darker skin tone, and brands see the value in catering to those small groups of people that have never found a foundation that matches them, and find value in all of their customers,” said Cassandra Jones. “ I think (Rihanna’s) headed in the right direction, and that she’s definitely got everyone’s attention.”