The benefits of fidget spinners

With the rise of fidget toys, and their eventual demise, people have simply started using the tool as a trend and not noticing the benefits of using such toys. In the era before fidget spinners became a phenomenon and a wide selling toy, they were great stress relievers for victims of anxiety, ADHD and other disorders. Since then, the media spreading the word on fidget spinners, has ruined the image of them.

According to Dr. Trelles, fidget spinners are a more involved version of a stress ball,and even though there are varying results with fidget spinners among sufferers of anxiety, ADHD and autism, fidget spinners can be soothing for people.

But in the past months, we’ve seen young people buy them as an aesthetic. We even have artists using them as gimmicks, so much so that they have made a new persona for these medical tools. The media has normalized fidget spinners so much that some individuals have ridiculed the spinner.

Now, if anyone is seen with a spinner, they are told it’s “old” or they’re just trying to be cool, when in reality they have it for medical reasons. Now, fidget spinners have, in a way, glorified mental illness and made a quick ending trend for it. Though they are not as popular as they were in April, they are definitely not going away.

Now, this can be a a overreaction. Fidget spinners were certainly a trend. More people using them has promoted them. So them growing in popularity has done a lot of good. And for a while, fidget spinners were accepted. Before then, people have dismissed them, but for a while, they were in and accepted. People weren’t looked at in a weird manner for having the spinner.

But, at the cost of them being promoted, they have lost their purpose in the eyes of the masses. Now, they’re seen as just a fad, not as a medical tool. And in that small time they were accepted, the aftermath has lowered the standard for them. Before, it was weird to be having a fidget spinner because it meant you were a victim from a mental illness, which most of the time, was the case. Now, if you’re seen with a spinner, you’re just trying to be cool, which wasn’t necessarily true.

In some strange way, mental illness is glorified in today’s age. Mental illnesses need to be talked about, but not in a way that makes it look cool, or in. Fidget spinners are a symbol of what is being done to the status of mental illness, we’re amping it up so much that it’s cool to be depressed, or to have ADHD, when it’s a horrible thing to have and people are suffering from these illnesses.

Fidget spinners are an a example of just how strong the media is. We as people can bring issues up in both the right way and the wrong way and spread awareness on topics such as mental illness.