The tragedy of man braids

Man buns are a thing. We all know this by now. We see them as we walk down the streets of San Francisco and as we peruse our respected social media pages. But now there is a new epidemic that we’re all forced to endure: man braids.

Apparently the men who feel the need to rock this supposed “macho” hairstyle have begun to French braid their hair. Not only do we see these “men” walking around looking like Pebbles from “The Flintstones,” but now they’re expressing their masculinity with fanciful braiding.

Who said this kind of thing is ok? How much more of this trend are we going to have to deal with? I’m curious how long it will take until man tails are a thing. You know, men walking around with their hair tied in two pigtails like Pippi Longstocking. Yeah, that trend is going to look great. Especially with the long beards that have been all the rage lately.

Does this mean that men will be going to stylists and salons rather than barbershops now? I highly doubt barbers will be willing to braid another man’s hair. This is, of course, an assumption. There are so many barbershops in the city these days catering specifically to hipsters that you’ll be able to get a straight razor shave and your hair braided for the bargain price of a few hundred dollars. Trends come and go. That’s one of the things that make them trends. Hopefully these trends end sooner rather than later.