The system is broken and we need to fix it

By now we’re all aware of how emotionally charged the political arena has become. It’s nearly impossible to scroll through social media without seeing some post, or article or picture of one of the many would-be presidential candidates. And with the recent visit of Pope Francis to the White House, the cries of hate and fear have begun to echo in earnest as conservatives fear the Pope will shift the masses away from a capitalist mindset with his “Marxist views.” Here’s the brutal truth: Our way of life is broken, and it needs to be fixed.

We have people labeling President Barack Obama as one of the worst presidents to ever hold the office, labeling him a “traitor,” and passing rumors about his citizenship as well as his personal religious beliefs. Has Obama done everything to please everyone? Of course not. That’s not possible. But he has done an amazing job of pulling this country out of the hole that former President George W. Bush put us in. And he is doing his utmost to make sure that the he leaves the office, and the country, in a better state on his way out than when he took office.

Senator Bernie Sanders is also under heavy scrutiny due to his stance on what we need to change. Using European and Scandinavian countries as models, Sanders would like to see America become a true beacon of equality in the world. And people don’t like this. Free public education for college students? Yeah that sounds like a terrible idea, doesn’t it?

What we all need to come to terms with is this simple truth: America is in trouble. Our collective mindset, the one that we have clung to with the zeal of a shipwreck victim clinging to a life raft, is antiquated. Trickle down economics, the presence of big businesses in politics, fossil fuels, and many more hallmarks of American government. All of these things need to be expunged from the governing body of our country. Will it be an easy process? No. It will take time and some of us will hate every minute of it, but it is a change that needs to happen.

Americans have a tendency to fear change when it comes to politics. We don’t like change. We’re afraid of it. But change is a good thing. We claim to be the greatest country in the world, but we’re not actively evolving with the times and the pressures of the modern world. America is not perfect, but we can try to be. And those who are being actively labeled as “socialists” or “traitors” are the ones who can help us live up to our boasts of greatness. The repairs to our country have begun, and these are repairs that have been necessary for a long time now.