Trojan (Wo)man: LUBE OR NO LUBE

What is lube? Lube is a water based, hypoallergenic, personal lubricant used by couples. Some people might think you never need to use lube during sex, and there are situations where it definitely doesn’t need to be used. Saliva makes a good lubricant too, which is one reason that foreplay can be such an important part of the lovemaking process.

Kissing,oral sex, fondling, any or all of the above. All of this can contribute to a smooth and easy sex session. Skipping good solid foreplay can force a couple to use lube, which isn’t a bad thing.

Some women use it because being on birth control makes them rather dry, like the Sahara desert. Other times they use it for giving a good hand job to their man because they don’t want their hands to smell like spit.

Lube can be fun. There are flavors, if you’re into that kind of stuff, and really there should be no problem with it. They teach in sex education classes that it should be used during intercourse and I never thought much of it.

When you go to the doctors they always offer free condoms and with that they give lube as well. Even some condoms come pre-lubricated, and I think they do a pretty good job at not tearing at the delicate lady parts. It really avoids any friction between the man and woman that might occur during the lovemaking, and for that I am glad and I know I am not the only woman who feels this way.

For men I think they are convinced that if you need to use lube you aren’t doing “something” right, which I have to disagree and agree with. I disagree with the statement that “guys aren’t doing something right” if they need to use lube, I think in some situations it just makes intercourse more enjoyable.

Just think of how painful it would be to go down a water slide that has no water. It is not a typical slide and it needs much more care to get on that slide, now it is a cliché to compare this to intercourse, but it makes sense.