Stop adding to the status quo

Have you guys ever sat back and wondered why men get such a bad rap? Have you ladies ever questioned why women are often viewed with such negativity in college? Because there are always a few bad apples that ruin it for all of us.

While walking through the hallways of our campus, I witness numerous types of people. A handful of them rekindle my dying faith in humanity. The remaining majority further cement my growing distaste for my “fellow man.”

If you’ve ever taken the time to sit back and watch the people that are milling around you, then chances are you know exactly what I’m talking about. Maybe it’s because I’m older than the students around me. Maybe it’s because I was raised to respect other people’s privacy, and to respect their personal space. Maybe, it’s because I have common sense.

Men. If you want to be taken seriously, both by women and by other men, try acting with some self control. If you see a pretty woman walking by, there’s nothing wrong with smiling at her. It’s even socially acceptable to say “Hello,” or even “Good morning.” It is not, however, considered polite to accost her, violating her personal space, and making a fool of yourself. Just because you saw it work on television, doesn’t mean it will work in the real world, and I don’t mean the MTV “reality” show.

Women. If you want to be viewed as more than just a sex symbol, both by men and other women, then act like more than a sex symbol. There’s nothing wrong with appearing mysterious or unattainable. But, there is something wrong with being downright rude and condescending to the people around you. While it is hard to believe, there are people in the world who will want to get to know you because you are a good person, not simply because of how you look.

So, the next time you’re complaining about how hard it is to be taken seriously in the world, keep in mind that someone out there is making it harder for you every second. The so-called “tools” and “Barbies” seem to be content with their lowly lot in life, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be. Do your best to alter the status quo, don’t add to it. Unless of course you’re content with being viewed solely as a negative, then keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy the dirty looks you’ll be getting from people like myself.