What’s the cost of freedom?

There are numerous arguments and views regarding the subject of free will. However, arguments against it can be easily toppled. Have you ever had to choose between two or more things? Congratulations, you have free will. Big deal! If you want to do something, but don’t have the means, how free are you really?

It would seem that free will is fundamental to human beings and the ability to exercise it in some way is necessary for our happiness. However, when you realize that all it means is the ability to make decisions, it can become somewhat disappointing and angst-inducing.

What most people yearn for deep down is freedom of action, which is not inherent or fully possible on a large scale. However, many people still feel that it is a basic human right and are constantly in pursuit of it.

Fortunately, complete freedom of action is completely feasible if you follow a few simple steps, and why wouldn’t you?

Step 1: Have access to more money than you can spend in your lifetime. It doesn’t matter how you go about making this happen. Having rich parents, winning the lottery, dealing in lucrative fields such as the stock or black market, or possibly even marrying rich provided you do not sign a prenuptial agreement and that you are guaranteed money from your spouse in the event of death or divorce, are all acceptable methods provided you also follow step two.

Step 2: Avoid any and all obligations and personal relationships. Such things inherently prevent freedom.

Step 3: Be a perfect specimen of fitness. The human body does have its limits, but its up to you to push those limits. If you want to be able to literally do whatever you want, you must have extreme physical prowess. If your parents were not rich, it’s possible that they can redeem themselves in this category if they gave you good genes. Either way, avoid having a personal relationship with them.

Step 4: Become a pilot, become a sailor, learn to operate a submarine, and acquire every top of the line vehicle you can get your hands on, which should be plenty if you have enough money. However, make sure that you do not become a professional operator of any of these vehicles, as that would require an obligation. Formal schooling is an obligation itself, so it’s recommended that you learn to operate all these vehicles in your own time by trial and error.

If you’re unable to fulfill any of these steps, you can take some comfort in your measly free will. But deep down, people as a whole have a stronger desire to be able to physically do whatever they want than they do to just make decisions. Making decisions is harder and far less glamorous.