Trojan (Wo)man – tramp stamp or passion stamp: still not appealing to the eyes

We all get hickeys at one point in our life, or a lot of points in our life. What are hickeys anyways?

Well, some consider them love bites or a kiss mark. They are bruises to basically prove you were getting hot and steamy with someone. To some people they are awesome to give and receive, but for others it’s in the moment and you don’t even worry about covering it up later. Honestly they’re pretty gross to look at if your neck is covered in the purple and red marks. It just looks painful.

If you’re light skin tone it’s even worse because you bruise up the easiest and man, to get rid of those things is a pain. They tend to last up to 12 days but that’s all depending on how severe or not severe the hickey is.

Hickeys are an informal way of marking your territory on the person that you’re in a relationship with, or for you to basically know if a person has most likely had some sexual action in their life recently.

For women it’s easy to cover it up with makeup or your hair, if it’s at least on your neck. For guys it’s not discreet from what I’ve experienced. I remember being at the mall and this young man had hickeys from left to right on his neck and I was just thinking to myself “it’s freaking nasty looking.” Not even his collared shirt could save him.

I mean in the moment they feel great to receive and all, but the annoying part is to get rid of it you seriously have to spend everyday with ice on it or using the cap of your Chapstick to scrape it off. You basically treat it like any other bruise because you have to stimulate blood flow into the blood vessels.

Personally, I don’t want or need everyone knowing that I’m getting it in, or that it looks like I got close to getting it on, so in that case I would keep the hickeys to a minimum. Anyhow, avoid those stamps of tramps with the tips listed above and life is good.

It’s easier said than done to keep these things in mind when it comes to what’s going on in the bedroom, but it might help to keep things discreete if you do. It’s not fun being the person walking into a room with giant blotchy bruises around your neck. People will start to think that you got into a fight with a vaccum cleaner if you do. Or that your boyfriend/girlfriend is possesive and trying to keep people away from you.