Trojan (Wo)man: Post sex cuddling

Bianca Gonzalez, TSV Staff Writer

Maybe a shower, maybe breakfast lunch or dinner? Or some rest? Either way if it is not your partner that you are in a relationship with how do you handle the moments after sex?

For women there are emotions involved with cuddling and sex. There is a sense of security a women feels from holding onto her man after we have sex. Some people will cuddle with anyone after sex, if it is a one night stand or not, and then there are some people who will not be comfortable with that kind of intimacy.

This kind of intimacy actually has health benefits and, regardless of the relationship, there are other reasons that cuddling is the best thing two people can do together. It reduces your stress a whole lot and, let’s be real, life gets really stressful at times and you need to hug it out.

For couples, cuddling brings the two closer together, and it helps you release this chemical into your body which is called oxytocin. This chemical has many magical powers like boosting your immune system and relieving pain. Sometimes cuddling even leads to more sex in some cases, but it is all about affection and that is helping you connect with your partner.

Everyone should do it: cuddle, nestle, fondle, embrace, what ever it is you want to call it. Cuddling is for the lovers and people who need to relax and unwind, you’ll thank yourself when you have a good nights rest.

Don’t be embarrassed to cuddle, or ask to cuddle, with your partner. Chances are they need that just as much as you do. Just a little side note: avoid eating food that will make you gassy or have really strong garlic breath because then it becomes a turn off that you smell funny or that you can’t get your stomach to stop making funny noises.

Otherwise, enjoy those cuddling moments and, if you can’t get your cuddle on because you’re single and you don’t want to get attached after having sex, then it’s something you may need to talk to your sex partner about or move on and get a real relationship that involves feeling something other than feeling just horny.