Trojan (wo)man-foreplay: The underrated pre-game of sex

Bianca Gonzalez, TSV Staff Writer

The concept of playing around before the real game is on.

I wasn’t sure of how important this was until I started to think of the things that need to go hand in hand to satisfy a persons needs. For example if you are a person who loves toast and jam and imagine having the driest crustiest piece of hot toast and not having butter or any fruit jam to go with it. Well I’m using this as an example because foreplay is the jam to that toast, and without it you’re a sad sad little dry slice of life. For both men and women, it is so important to understand your lovers’ needs and wants in the bedroom and even if they are not your actual lovers and you just want to have a little affair you would want to keep in my mind, a little foreplay pleasure goes a long way.

Foreplay is simple and here are some reasons why. You want to be touched, kissed, caressed, and massaged, adding up to all sorts of tingling fun. It is all in good nature mainly for the reason that most women are that dry toast and need some jam before enjoying that lovely moment.

There is no reason to feel pressure about foreplay just understand that sex is not complete without it because from a woman’s point of view sex begins at foreplay. Women have a different build then men do we all have different sized body parts and for men that should be exciting and you should want to take advantage of our amazing unique anatomy. The part of the anatomy that is most important for men to understand is that you are not going to get on a water slide when there is no water. It is going to hurt and you will suffer the unsatisfied consequences of dry sex. I can not even begin to imagine an experience without lubrication of the vagina.

What is even the point if all you are thinking of is yourself? You might as well not even be in the position of having a woman to fondle and explore if you have no clue what to do. However, you are not completely out of luck, you already have the beautiful woman, so be bold and simply ask what she likes, keeping in mind it is a two way street and both parties deserve the same amount of pleasure. Both parties need to understand what one another needs in the bedroom, it is not complicated at all to make these moments pleasurable.

It is not to say that women do know how to please men, at all times, in the bedroom or wherever it is you like to enjoy this activity. It begins with communication like “yes that feels good” or “stop, this isn’t working.” Be aggressive, be fearless, be considerate, and let the games begin.