Welcome to the Spring semester

Will Nacouzi, TSV Interim Editor in Chief

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It’s yet another year, another semester.

Welcome back to the campus and to the Spring semester from everyone at The Skyline View, and me from personally. That said, we here at The View are happy to be back, with new additions to the staff and plenty of returning staff members.

The presenence of new and returning staff members to the View will only benefit us and the campus. After all, even comparing the various backgrounds and cultures of previous staff members we were a rather interesting mix of people from across The Bay.

This being the first View From Here for the semester, there isn’t really much to say besides the fact that “We’re back” for the semester and like every other class at this point, we’re still trying to figure things out for ourselves and the situation will be flexible for the next week or so.

But this is to be expected and don’t be surprised if names disappear from our staff list, nor should you think badly of them. They are only students after all and they are no different from any other in the college.

This is the first print issue of the semester and while it is a short one, we’re still getting into the swing of things here at The View. So over the next couple of weeks, expect us to swing into full gear which will last until the end of the semester.

As I mentioned earlier, this semester sees the addition of plenty of new students to the newspaper and returning staff members. This is quite a positive development for the program, as the experience and skills of both the new and returning staff will help bring The View to the next level.

At this point, it is uncertain whether all or a few will drop the class but is it surprising? This is, after all, still only the start of the semester where students are juggling and determining their own schedule for the rest of Spring.

So as to be expected at the start of the semester, the staff positions at this point are temporary until the permanent staff is selected. At which point, you will see changes in our staff list. Also don’t be surprises to see the words “interim” in front of the titles of the various editors positions in this issues and online at our website, they will be there until the permanent staff is selected.

Which will be happening in a few weeks from now and then The View will have its permanent staff for the semester.

Though at this point, it does make me sound like a broken record repeating that the changes that the state has made regarding the ability of students to repeat classes has affected us as a paper.

But the positive is that it has given us the chance to develop a number of ways to improve the program and the experience for everyone on staff. That’s all for now, and welcome to Skyline College.