Last “View” of the semester

Will Nacouzi, TSV Staff Writer

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I have to say that I’m surprised that the semester is almost over and that it feels like it has only been a few weeks since school started.

I’m thankful that I had the chance to be Editor in Chief this semester especially with such a great staff. I have to say that I’m especially proud of the new students who signed up for Journalism 320 and stayed the course for the whole semester.

Bearing the responsibility and taking the chance to gain experience working for The View while having to juggle other classes, homework, and work during the course of the Fall semester. Speaking from experience, being a writer isn’t easy and so I’m thankful for each of them for staying until the end of the semester with The View.

Of course, I can’t forget the editors themselves, who stepped up to meet the challenge head on. The fact that, despite their mistakes, they were able to contribute to the overall success of The Skyline View and the journalism program here on campus makes me proud to be able to have them as my editors this semester.

Take for example the ‘Student Photo Submissions’ section in Features, an idea that Features Editor Haider Mashal came up with, with the intentions of allowing students to submit photos to The View. An idea that has worked out great with students submitting photos that they took while on campus or elsewhere. Of course, this success wouldn’t be possible without Marie Clarisse Firmacion, Jan Stonge, Yna Louise Eliares, and Malena Marsh all students who submitted photos to the View allowing the idea to work.

If you saw these photos and felt a ping of interest, don’t be afraid take the chance to explore that feeling and find out for yourself. Wherever it leads you, keep in mind that the writers who have joined The View felt that same ping.

When I first thought about The Skyline View my thought process was newspaper, reporter, and then writing with photos and other videos not being that important; however, as I’m sure that everyone is aware. That is wrong, newspapers need Copy Editors, Photographers, Cartoonists, Illustrators, and so in order to completely function as smoothly as possible otherwise the resulting paper/articles will be limited in it overall potential.

Of course, this was greatly helped with the increase in students who joined The View bringing the program to its largest size ever in its history. An achievement that makes me proud, but more importantly happy, especially looking back at the rest of the semester and what we have achieved.

I’ll admit that we have made mistakes, which I have no doubt, have been spotted and pointed out by friends, classmates, or teachers, but at the end of the day I’m happy because this semester was a first of many things for The View. It was the first time that we had separate classes for reporters and editors, the first time that we had so many students join staff, and the first time that editors didn’t have to actively write, allowing them to focus on gathering story ideas to name three of the major ones.

So looking back at everything I’m happy with the results and I can only hope that The View’s efforts were enough to keep the student body informed this semester. Furthermore I can only hope that the program continues to grow in the future and that everyone has a safe and joyful winter break.