Stress or rest for finals?

Nico Triunfante, TSV Staff Writer

Time is coming closer to our favorite part of the semester. Finals. The time that students are either utilizing every single night to study, continuously going out, or have already dropped their classes. Whatever your personal route is, I hope it’s nothing but beneficial for you.

For the majority, Skyline student’s stress levels are passed the roof when it comes to finals. People shut themselves off, enter study groups, and head to our school Starbucks to get passed this dreadful time. A lot of us are trying to get that necessary grade in order to graduate and move on to other schools.

A couple things that I found that works for me during finals week is a simple rinse and repeat method; get to the work, stop, and get back to it. Think of it like the movie “The Purge,” people hold in all of their pressure until they find the suitable time to release.

First, I get to my room and shut off all electronics since the media is the number one reason of procrastination nowadays. I lay out my books and get my brain running for a good half hour. After that half hour, I do one of several actions on my list: a quick Starbucks break, watch YouTube videos, call or text anyone that I needed to during my study time, grab something to eat, or take a nap to rest my brain.

I found this method to be the most successful simply because the brain cannot take in all that information without overloading at a certain point. I’m sure we all have come to the point when our brains are not taking in any type of information whatsoever, but still, we try to retain that information. I’ve learned from my previous psychology course at Skyline that the brain will not be retaining as much information if you do not give it any rest.

However, I see the sense of accomplishment that students get once finals are over. Think of it like a basketball game. You’ve been practicing daily to finish well during the big game. Once the worse has taken its toll on you, you gain a sense of accomplishment that you’ve finished through possibly the most difficult part of your semester.

Take your time with finals students of Skyline. I’d advise not to be overly-stressed about this time of the year because you WILL make it through.