Healthcare roll out runs into issues, no surprise there folks

Will Nacouzi, TSV Editor In Chief

It’s now almost a month since “Obamacare” has begun to be rolled out to the public and it has run into problems. Shocked? Not really.

Obamacare began to take affect on the first of October throughout the nation and as, anyone with experience with the gaming industry will tell you, rolling out online services is never going to go well especially with the recent problems that games like “SimCity 5” and “Grand Theft Auto V Online” (“GTA V”) have encountered.

While comparing “SimCity 5” and “GTA V Online” to the roll out of President Obama’s “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” better known as simply “Affordable Care Act” or just “Obamacare,” is unfair and in each case, the underlying problems were different, however at the end of the day the fact is that all three experienced problems when they first came out.

These problems aren’t limited only to the gaming industry, but also the software industry as a whole. Take for example the problems encountered whenever a new “Windows” program comes out. Months are spent on fixing bugs encountered by users throughout the world who either reported it directly to Microsoft or reported it elsewhere.

That said, I’m not surprised that Obamacare has run into problems since its designed to service a large number of customers, considering that’s it aimed at providing healthcare at affordable prices to everyone.

There were bond to be problems once it become public, considering the scale of the project; however, this shouldn’t be surprising to anyone since the same situation happened with the 2006 Massachusetts health care reform, otherwise known as “Romneycare”.

As shown in a graph of the data of the number of people who signed up for “Rommeycare,” from an article by Jonathan Cohn of “The Republic,” only 123 people signed up for “Romneycare” after one month, but after 11 months that number had increased to 36,167.

This is a massive increase from the initial 123 people who did sign up in the first month.

Now it may seem weird that I’m bringing this up but it is a known fact that the “Affordable Care Act” is based off of the very same idea which Mitt Romney approved for his own state while he was governor from 2003 to 2007.

Now to be honest there is no telling if the same situation will be happening for President Obama’s “Affordable Care Act,” but it is certainly a possibility that is very likely to happen with “Obamacare” as deadlines for getting health insurance of any kind in the coming two months approaches and the Federal government starts handing out fines for not having health insurance.

Moving back on topic, the problems encountered by people signing up for Obamacare isn’t and shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. As mentioned before, anyone who has recent experience with games or software of any kind will tell you, there are always problems when a new game comes out thus requiring patches to fix them.

It doesn’t matter what it is, at the end of the day there are bound to be problems, especially when it comes down to software. On the other hand, there is a certain advantage and disadvantage to this that is obvious, the first being that theses bugs can be fixed over time.

The down side is that these bugs may be enough to turn people away from signing up for “Obamacare,” but there is no certainty of that in the future as the situations can, and will, likely change.

Oh well, we’ll all find out in the next few months whether “Obamacare” is successful or not as the problems are fixed and the government, and other organizations, have the time to gather data on the situation.