The Facade of a Nickname

Will Nacouzi, TSV Staff Writer

We hear catch phrases and nicknames everyday from politicians and the media. The talking heads repeat nicknames like “Obamacare” until they have their viewers confidently saying them, like the name says all there is know on the subject.

People throw around the word “Obamacare” so much it has me thinking. Do these people even know the law behind the name, or are they using the term without an understanding of what it stands for? It’s funny in a way because it leads me to believe that people are throwing around words and phrases without knowing what they mean.

It may not sound like a major problem, but it is. When you stop and think about it for a moment, in today’s environment and even more importantly, in today’s politics, where It is detrimental to let voters know what is being mentioned by politicians. These nicknames help politicians succeed in distracting the public from the real issues at hand.

Truth is, anyone with enough experience online will tell you that the
comment sections of nearly any site are full of comments that make no
sense, most of the time. When terms like “Obamacare” are used, people should know what they are referring to because people do read these comments. Case in point: almost every comment on YouTube.

Instead of just focusing in on the name of the bill and the little things they hear the media talk about. People should make an effort to learn what these laws with odd names will actually do, if placed into effect. Especially when the matters involved are of political and environmental importance.

Reading new laws can often be tedious, but as voters, you should take the time to understand them and not get lost in the content bombing and repeating of nicknames. At the end of the day, you will only get lost and caught up in the wave without actually knowing what people are talking about.

A nickname like “Obamacare” might only distract people from what they are supporting, and may even prevent people from taking a more in depth look at the new law. And as the saying goes “the devil is in the details.”

People should be aware of this simple fact. Using terms without knowing the actual meaning will end up making people look like fools. Spouting off things like “I don’t like ‘Obamacare'” without knowing the meaning behind the act or even its real name “The Affordable Care Act” is ignorance in it’s purest form.