The view from here – Welcome back!

Will Nacouzi, TSV Interium Online and Editor in Chief

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It’s a new semester and the summer has just come to an end. It almost seems like summer passed in the blink of an eye. Now we’re back at campus for another semester and already we at The Skyline View have produced our first issue that you are currently reading.

Hopefully there aren’t any major mistakes, but in case there are, I apologize since I’m Interim Editor-in-Chief. That said, I’m proud to bring you our first issue of the paper for spring of 2013.
California Community Colleges changed the rules so students can’t repeat classes, and The Skyline View is feeling the effects. While this change directly impacted old View staff members, it can only work toward the general benefit of new members.

I’ll be honest, as a long-time staff member of the View, this change is both welcome and something I dreaded. I say dreaded because it means journalism students can no longer repeat the same class, which, until now, was the same class for anyone interested in advertisement, writing, multimedia, or any of the dozens of positions available for students to gain experience within the paper.
With the new system in place, it breaks this class into multiple parts, lightening the load on students who are interested in reporting for the paper on a weekly basis or becoming a staff editor charged with managing the writers and laying out their section of the paper during print production. Of course being an editor also includes position involving multimedia, social media, advertisement and more.

While I still dread the change, like I said earlier this change is a welcoming move. It lightens the workload on the staff and writers, making the job much easier for everyone involved and that is important considering the amount of work that goes into producing articles for weekly publication. Oh, and that’s on top of their student commitments.
This change can only work out for the benefit of everyone who is part of the newspaper and hopefully guarantee smooth sailing this semester. It is my hope that everything will go swimmingly since we have so many new reporters and so few returning old staff members.

For new students, welcome to the campus and I hoped you enjoyed ‘Welcome Week’ and please consider joining The Skyline View. Journalism is a major that can be easily married with another major, increasing your future possibilities while allowing you to gain experience and skills that are applicable to other fields and majors.