Is Apple losing some steam?

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Apple needs a game changer in terms of its mobile and software markets. With big phone companies like Samsung and HTC, Apple is slowly jumping off a bridge.

I’ve seen people gradually switch from iPhones to Android-powered devices in the past few months, myself being one of them. After owning the HTC One for just over two weeks, I can see why people may or may not make the change.

It seems after Steve Jobs’ passing, the leaders at Apple have disregarded what he had to say and what he thought was best for the company. A major example of this was the release of the iPad mini. Steve Jobs stated that there would never be a “mini” variation of Apple’s famous tablet, and within 13 months of his death, the device was released. Sure, it competed with the other smaller tablets, and brought home the bacon to Apple, but it seems a bit rude to go behind the back of the leader of such an innovative company and pull a stunt like that.

When it comes to software, I feel that Apple needs to step their game up. iOS has just been slowly upgrading, adding a feature or two every year, and Apple doesn’t plan on changing that pace. However, I do understand why Apple chose this route in software development, because people don’t like change. Simple as that. If Apple decided to completely redesign its mobile software, a huge portion of Apple’s target audience would abandon ship. iOS is simple yet very fluid, which is why a majority of customers prefer it over Android. There’s not much wrong with Android, yet some may say it’s too complicated for personal use.

Hopefully with the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), a major improvement will be introduced in Apple’s mobile software with iOS 7. Maybe, we’ll get to see the next generation iPhone, as well as some updates to the iPad lineup.