Editorial – Oil can be a great cash revenue for California Schools


Cartoon by Alyssa Koszis/The Skyline View

In this age of continuous school closures, it was a matter of time before the state government got involved. Since the state has long been affected by a staggering debt, of course they would tap some extra resource? But which of California’s resources would have the honor of finally giving back?

Oil! Yes, this is true; California is impersonating the entire state of Texas and using oil as a resource to fund schools. While this may seem like a wild proposition, it has not passed as legislation yet, so it is not a done deal. But this has the potential to significantly affect the amount of school closures.

This legislation would generate an estimated $2 billion for state schools and parks. Senator Noreen Evans of Santa Rosa co-authored the bill SB 241 with Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee Mark Leno. SB 241 would send 93 percent of the money raised from a proposed tax on oil would go to the University of California and community college system. The other 7 percent would go towards state parks.

Of course this proposal isn’t all rainbows and lollipops. This may raise gas prices even higher, much to the chagrin of drivers everywhere. Also, in 2006, a proposed tax on oil to fund alternative energy programs was rejected by California voters

We here at the Skyline view strongly encourages everyone who is in favor of this bill to write in to our senators. This bill can potentially bring in a large sum of money to Skyline if passed.

The possibility of $2 billion going toward schools is a hopeful one for the state of California. Receiving money never hurt anybody, and oil money is good money. It is a resource that is constantly in use and will continue to be in the foreseeable future. And hopefully, one that will assist in the aide to raise college graduation rates, which is something, we can all agree on.