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Cafeteria hits its prime


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As a refreshing new semester comes about Skyline College, new and returning students are greeted by the dazzling new interior of Building 6.

Although it has been going through extreme makeovers from the disposal of nasty couches to the building of a new shop, the most prominent part of the whole experience would have to be the cafeteria. What better place to discuss than the one that unites students and allows them to take a break to chow down? Or you know, have a spiffy new place to cram for an upcoming test in their next class, but that’s besides the point.

This campus is full of surprises and the makeover of the cafeteria was definitely one of them. Over the summer, renovations were happening with tarps and construction infiltrating Building 6. What’s cool about this is that I have witnessed this construction process first-hand, being one of the many students slaving over units during the summer. In fact, I’ve been drifting around since the Fall of 2011 and boy, have things changed! The building’s pretty much been having a heavy face lift, butt lift, everything lift with the bandages being removed during the passing Summer semester. All for the better I say; Joan Rivers would be proud.

If you are a returning student, I’m sure you remember the modest (but effective) Skyline coffee stand in the far left corner of the lunch room near the fireplace. Well, that’s no more! As many know, we have a coffee shop by the name of World Cup Coffee & Tea that’s just fantastic and bustling with a very professional air! Even the next door Skyline Café has been busy moving its layout and keeping things convenient for students. I can tell you, I appreciate both of these places keeping me alive during classes with the food and drinks that they supply– but just the establishments taking fantastic care of themselves is just the cherry on top.

So then, while exploring all the things this campus has to offer, take your time to truly enjoy everything. We’re only attending here for so long after all. If you have been around Building 6, you can see the spacious atmosphere of our lovely cafeteria with it’s new clean and modern flare that’s just ever so tasteful. There are tall tables and restaurant quality booths for students to enjoy and many outlets to plug in their important electronics in.

And if you‘re still not convinced to “Why are these changes so fantastic?” Well, readers I will tell you why. Have you noticed the typical rectangular tables stiffing up the place the past semester? Even if you haven’t, trust me it did. The new design truly has students in mind with fresh features to keep groups in a comfortable setting. The tables are round, the couches are organized in circles, and heck, it’s just never-ending unity. I mean, unless you’re in a booth but even then you’re still very able to connect with those around you in a practical way!

Besides that, comfort seems to be a main objective as well. Sure, we remember the couches we had and the cushioned chairs… But we also remember that they got really disgusting and I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve witnessed irresponsible students flipping over cushions to cover up their spills and other nonsense. I’m the type to carry my own pen around because I think germs are icky, so imagine how I felt every time I wanted to sit down. Not too fantastic, yeah? I’m pretty sure the new booth covering’s something like vinyl and I can’t tell you how pleased I am with that. Instead of absorbent it’s repellant! To dirt and grime, not students.

It’s almost surreal to see how nice our college is. Skyline really seems to beautify its campus constantly and even the classrooms are spiffy and new. It‘s nice to see the campus taking care of its aesthetics as much as it does its students. Basically with all of these positive changes, Skyline just seems like a promising dream date to anyone. Now, if we can just take down Pacific Heights there would be nothing to stop Skyline for being first place in America’s Next Top Campus. Until then, I suppose we’ll just savor it’s modesty and take advantage of it appropriately.

From the care that’s always been there for the students to the new changes in Building 6; Skyline has added so much hard work dedicated to us. And of course, all of it is a welcome addition. With that said, keep your eyes peeled for the future fancy changes of our campus and continue to enjoy the view!

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Sarah Yiu, TSV Editor at Large

The currently active TSV Graphics Editor (Fall 2012) who never gets enough sleep. I am a full-time student who aspires to major in sequential art.

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Cafeteria hits its prime