Isn’t that a sour apple?

Come on, are you serious? Sky­line’s cafeteria prices on produce are absolutely ridiculous, and I’m fed up with paying 90 cents for a freaking apple! Not only apples, but all fruit they sell, including oranges and bananas. Do you know how quick a banana is gone? If the jungle charged monkeys for bananas at those prices, they would go extinct. In a time where money is taken from schools, the fact they would charge that much for produce takes away my patience for businesses.

Produce at Safeway, a com­mercial grocery store, is surprisingly way more legitimate. Peaches are one dollar a pound! At the cafeteria, that’s one piece of fruit. It’s not even like these fruits are larger and weigh more, as they are even smaller (not the apples but everything else). If you wanted to make a fruit salad from scratch, with the cafeteria’s fruit, it would cost you nearly eight dollars.

Cafeteria worker Juan Perez commented on my judgment of the prices of their produce, and my ques­tion of why it’s so expensive.

“I don’t know, they put the stuff out there and I scan it. This place is privately owned, and that’s just the way it is. If you brought your own sandwich, of course it would be cheaper,” said Perez.

Although the last part of the quote has no relevance to anything else said, it just goes to show these guys are out for the profits, and care less about what students can and can’t afford. The worst part is, their burgers and beverages are actually legitimately priced. This means if all I wanted was an apple, I would end up buying the entire burger meal because at least it’s worth it. I’m in­sulted that I was not given the chance to vote on these produce prices. They just happened, like some kind of natural disaster you have no control over. I’m sure many don’t find a protest necessary for pricing over fruit, but in this economy it’s a big deal. More and more, health organizations spend a lot of money to promote healthy eating, and all that hard work goes to waste when people can’t afford produce.

I’ve reached a conclusion that I would rather go to jail for a week than buy produce at the cafeteria, because at least in jail the fruit is free. I would not be surprised if the cafeteria began charging for straws. I understand that nobody on this earth can fly, but everyone at least knows how much produce is actu­ally worth!