ASSC elects new student leadership for 2022-2023

12 officials were elected to office by students via an online survey


Steven Rissotto

Win Shwe Yee (left) was elected president, Jonathan Scott (center) was elected vice president and Anthony Tran (right) was chosen as the student trustee nominee for Skyline.

Skyline College has decided on its new student leadership for the school year 2022-2023.

12 student officers were elected on Friday, April 22 during the annual Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC) General Election, which lasted parts of two days.

Win Shwe Yee defeated Kenneth Tam, becoming the next student-body president, a role that is regarded as the highest-ranked for students in the ASSC Governing Council.

Yee will be required to provide leadership to the council and represent the student body at large while also assisting in establishing a meaningful and intentional campus community where different voices can be heard.

“I think the school is slowly transitioning to more in-person events. I would like to make in-person events more fun, informational events and celebrate all cultures because it’s a community college,” Yee said.

The intrigue for the position was natural for Yee, a former senator for ASSC and leader of numerous youth organizations, which focus on learning about current events happening all over the world. She hopes to focus on the different connections Skyline has to the global community.

“We have students from different countries and despite the race, gender, sex or the color of any of the students — I want to do events to celebrate their cultures,” Yee said. “I just want the community to feel closer and as if every student belongs to this community.”

Yee’s running mate — Jonathan Scott — was also victorious, beating out Hnin Thandar Win to become the next vice president. Scott — the former vice president of the student body at Oceana High School — was previously a senator for the 2021-2022 school year.

“​​I want to hold the club-wide events that can get clubs interacting with each other because we’ve had a lack of interaction over these last years, and I want to really bring that back,” Scott said. “That’s what our ASSC really wanted. At times right now, it’s still really difficult to get full-on events going and I believe that in the fall semester we’ll be in for a much more drastic change back to normalcy.”

According to the qualifications, the vice presidency is a position that requires an active and committed dedication to supporting the students and the campus community. Scott will also serve as Chairperson of the Election Board.

Scott’s main focus is building back up the clubs on campus, noticing that much of the contact information on the school’s website is outdated and incorrect. He also noticed the lack of meetings between them is holding back from a wider population participating.

“I know the position deals a lot with clubs,” Scott said. “I really want to help clubs be a little more known around campus because I know when I started Skyline I genuinely couldn’t even tell there were any clubs even running. And the few that were would only be at college hour events and I could never attend those. It really felt like there weren’t many clubs and the website isn’t up to date.”

Eureka Soriano was voted as the Commissioner of Activities, beating out Chantal San Felipe. Soriano’s role will include preparing a calendar of activities and events, coordinating all activities sponsored by the ASSC, designing and working to propose budgets for events and more.

Thiri Wai Wai clinched the vote to become the next Commissioner of Finance and Win Thiri was voted as the new Commissioner of Publicity.

Sarah Ruiz beat out Grace Xu for Commissioner of Public Records.

For the vacancy with the ASSC senators, the six individuals that ran for the position were all voted into the role. Iliana Crisostomo, Kesha Cromartie, Lorenzo Madrigal, Winmar Oo, Alysia Tanimura and Chuyun Wang have all been accepted for the spots.

Skyline’s current president, Anthony Tran, clinched Skyline’s nomination to become the next student trustee. After running unopposed, Tran will seek election for the position against the nominees representing the College of San Mateo and Cañada College.

“I think this is just a natural step up for me,” Tran said. “You know, with all the experience under my belt, I think I’ve really become good as president because it’s kind of connecting to the source and really being able to give a lot of people an outlet to share their ideas with the administration.”

The election balloting took place online from April 19 to April 21 with each personalized ballot arriving in the school inbox of every registered Skyline student. The polls closed on April 21 at 6 p.m.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 protocol, the elections were held exclusively online.